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The RevCast Podcast 007 - Lockdown Questions

11 May 2021

On this episode I am joined by Isaac Taavale to answer all your questions. We asked you guys to fire some questions at us and you delivered. We talk the importance of sleep, do supplements work?, our picks for the CrossFit Games 2021 Champs, all the way to PED's in the sport of CrossFit. As always we get side tracker a lot but have a blast doing it. Hope you all Enjoy!!

The RevCast Podcast 006 - With Jordan Trevis

28 April 2021

Join me as we have a sit down with the one and only Jordan Trevis. We find out about his childhood, his tiling career and his transition into owning a slice of the CrossFit Revenant Brand. Its not all business, we go off on a lot of rant and discuss one of Jordan's favorite subjects STEROIDS. Alot of fun, alot of laughs and a all round good time had.

The RevCast Podcast 005 - With Guest Isaac Taavale

7 April 2021

Yet another great sit down with the amazing Isaac Taavale. On this episode we discuss the CrossFit 2021 Open, how it went, what we liked and disliked as well as the next round of the Open and how the New format looks. We also dive into what its like on our side of the Fitness Industry being Head Coach and Owner and most importantly what's coming up for us at CrossFit Revenant. Hope you enjoy. Make sure to like and subscribe as well as turn those post notifications on so you can always get our Podcast as soon as it drops.

The RevCast Podcast 004 - With Ray Hodgkinson

17 March 2021

In this Episode we sit down with Perth based CrossFit Athlete Ray Hodgkinson better know as Rayzerblades. Born in Canada, he finds himself living the good life Down Under but MAN does he have some story's. We talk how he got into CrossFit, all about his professional career playing Lacrosse, his battle with addiction but most importantly all about he and his wife's NEW business 'EMERGENCY FIT' an online Training, Coaching and Nutrition program designed for people in the Emergency Services and their schedules. Instagram - @rayzerblades & @emergencyfit

The RevCast Podcast 002 - Your Not Time Poor Your Unorganized

9 March 2021

There is only one thing in our lives that we're never able to re acquire once its gone and I'm not talking about Money, I'm not talking about material items, I'm talking about TIME.

So Why Not Use it to its FULL POTENTIAL.

We have over 79 Hours left in a week after we take out Work and Sleep. We Just need to Prioritize what we spend our time on. Your Family comes First!! But coming a close second is YOUR Health & Fitness.

Make the TIME... Set Some GOALS... LETS GO....

The REV CAST Podcast - 001 Isaac Taavale

3 March 2021

On the very first Episode of the REV CAST we talk to the One and Only, The Man, The Myth, the Legend that is Mr Isaac Taavale. We dive deep into Isaac's beginnings back in New Zealand as well as how he got into the Health and Fitness Space. Everyone knows him as the charismatic Head Coach at CrossFit Revenant but lets find out more about what makes him tick. We kick back have some laughs and get off track a bit but have a blast talking about our passion for CrossFit. Hope You enjoy!!

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