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At CrossFit Revenant, we realize that there is no “one size fits all” fitness lifestyle! That’s exactly why you will find a variety of coaching styles and experiences in each and every class. Our coaches love their jobs and it shows! They recognize that each member has individual needs and may require their workouts to be scaled to those needs for a month or for the life of their fitness.

Revenant is all about helping you as an Athlete to become Stronger, Fitter and Healthier in an environment that is welcoming, non-competitive and community driven.

Foundations / On Ramp

Here at CrossFit Revenant we emphasis safety and technique – this is why all new members who are new to CrossFit are required to complete the Foundations/On Ramp course before transitioning to group CrossFit classes.  Foundations is a series of 3 one hour sessions with one of our experienced coaches and is structured to provide the basic knowledge and skill set of all the movements used in a typical CrossFit style class.


CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.  We offer over 20 weekly CrossFit classes.  Our experienced coaching staff lead each class and are highly capable of providing not only instruction throughout the workout but also in scaling and adapting workouts to individual members needs.

Everyday brings something new as we ensure variety with a different workout every day – 365 days a year.


RevFit is a high intensity 60 min class. The focus will be on dumbbells, kettle bells, body weight, core, and cardio work. NO BARBELLS. This class is perfect for beginners and it requires no prior CrossFit experience. REVFIT is definitely not easy and focuses more on lighter weights and longer conditioning components. It has a low skill level of entry which makes it easier to pick up for those new to fitness, and it tends to help people lose weight faster than any other program because of its intensity and duration.

Olympic Weight Lifting

During our weightlifting classes our coaches breakdown all lifts into manageable and buildable steps. This ensures proper mechanics, technique, and body position before any weights are incorporated. Olympic lifting is an integral part of CrossFit programming as it teaches speed, flexibility, agility, strength, balance, and coordination – our weightlifting classes are for any and all ability levels.

Personal Training

From weightlifting and CrossFit to skill work and mobility, some of our coaches and instructors are available for personal training sessions in either a 30 or 60-minute block. If you are interested in one-on-one training, please feel free to contact us for more details.


Our Nutrition programs can help you overhaul your lifestyle and get you achieving your goals much faster then training alone.  Your coaches will keep you accountable and make sure your staying on track to achieve your goals. You’ll receive a flexible diet plan that will work with your lifestyle and if you stay disciplined expect to see visible results in as little as 6 weeks.

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