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Christmas Nutrition Tips

Top 4 Christmas Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

Lets be honest with each other, Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year to keep your Nutrition on track. There are so many amazingly tasty food and beverages that come out this time of year that its so hard to say NO. Or you do say No...
How to choose a crossfit gym

5 Things to Consider Before You Join a CrossFit Box

Joining a gym is a very overwhelming thing to do! Your already feeling self-conscious and trying to get out of your comfort zone, trying to better yourself and you’re probably wondering ‘Is this gym really for me’ or ‘Do I really fit in here’. Then you have got a whole...
Top Three Game Changing Things to Stay Fit and Healthy-min

Three Simple Things to Kill That ‘F#ck It” Attitude and Stay Motivated

As we look back on the year that was 2020, its so easy to just say ‘F#ck It’ when it comes to your Fitness and Nutrition. Everyone has used at one point or another ‘Oh I’ll start again on Monday’ or ‘I’m just so busy at this time of year’...
Find Your Why

Find Your Why !!!

Everybody Relies on Motivation in their everyday life to get things done. The problem with this is that Motivation in UNREALIABLE!! Motivation is there on a Monday Morning when your starting that NEW Diet or NEW Fitness Routine, But Where is that Motivation after a week of Stressful Work, or...
crossfit culture

This is Why Culture Matters

Have you ever just had one of those moments where you sit back and think WOW! I had one of these recently. I Know when we opened CrossFit Revenant the plan was to create the best Community in CrossFit, with members that have their own fitness goals, but also care...
Our CrossFit Mission

Our Mission

After 12 years as a Construction Business owner, I realised that my drive and passion was leading me in a completely different direction. Which led me to pursue my dream of Being a CrossFit Box owner. When I opened CrossFit Revenant in May in 2019, my mission was simple: to...
Healthy Recipe - Almond Butter Chicken Satay with Slaw

Almond Butter Chicken Satay with Slaw

Looking for a tasty, healthy option to fuel your body for your next workout or for dinner post workout? Cook time is 20 minutes from start to finish and serves 4!! Try this delicious recipe!!! INGREDIENTS * 2 tbs coconut oil * 1 lemongrass stalk (inner core only), finely chopped...