Dec 21, 2020

The hardest part about operating a gym is keeping the Culture true to our Values. You can preach your Values to your members till your blue in the face but they don’t mean a thing unless they pay attention. When you start seeing those members acting on your values and making them their own that’s CULTURE.

How many gyms have you seen advertise ‘We Have The Best Community in CrossFit’ or ‘Come be apart of our amazing Community of Like minded People’, now this might be true but I believe that they are focusing on the wrong part of their Business. CULTURE IS KING!!!

One of our Biggest Values is ‘To be Positive and Supportive of Everyone, Always’. You would think this is a given in all Gyms but truth be told its not. We strive everyday to make sure that people come in our facilities and have a Supportive and positive environment to train in, with NO judgment, NO hero’s and NO Big Ego’s.

We have member from so many different walks of life at CrossFit Revenant, that all started their Fitness journey to better themselves both Physically and Mentally. We have a lot of members that have come into Revenant quiet, shy and negative about their abilities and you should see them now. They are full of Life, always positive and absolutely smashing their fitness goals. This is what a great Culture can do for someone.

When you are always surrounded by positivity, fun and laughter in a supportive environment full of amazing people it changes you. It changes your outlook on life and yourself. It is the best feeling in the world. That’s Why we strive day in day out to create that amazing CULTURE.

A Big THANKYOU has to go out to each and every Revenant Member for helping make our Community one of the Best ever through sticking to our Values and letting our CULTURE SHINE!!


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