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What is Crossfit

What is CrossFit Training

What Exactly is CrossFit? When you are looking into your exercise options and you are wondering what is CrossFit Training, you may have come across the basic definition that it is constant varied and functional movements at a high intensity. But that does not really tell you much about what...
5 Things You Can do to Improve Your Sleep-min

5 Things You can Do Right Now To Improve Your Sleep

OUR TOP 5 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP Having trouble getting to sleep? Having trouble getting at least 7-8 hours a night? Waking up from your sleep and still being tired? Everybody knows the pain of trying to go to sleep but just un able to switch off and when...
Perth CrossFit Member Series 001 - Featuring Eugene Van Der Westhuizen-min

Member Series 001 – Featuring Eugene Van Der Westhuizen

Up first in our Member Series is the amazing Eugene Van Der Westhuizen. You can find him in most evening classes taking on the young guns and showing them how its done. What better way to get to know our amazing members than in their own words! “I have always...
What are Macro Nutrients

Macronutrients (Macros) vs Micronutrients: What’s the Difference?

Understanding Macros Macronutrients are the nutrients we need an abundance of every single day. They are categorized as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Each of these play major roles in fuelling and constructing the human body. As we start to understand which foods fall under which category, it’s important to know...
Thruster Explained - How to Do Thrusters

Thruster Exercise – Your ‘How To’ Guide

Thruster Exercise Explained The thruster is a popular compound exercise athletes, weightlifters and martial artists use, and is found in CrossFit workouts. It is also called a squat press. A Thruster exercise is a combination of an overhead press move and a front squat. It is a full-body movement and...
How to Air Squat

How to Do Air Squats » The Complete Guide

Get the lowdown on air squats Air squats are also known as bodyweight squats and are common in a number of training programs and workout routines, like CrossFit. They differ from other types of squats because you are using just your bodyweight to perform them, no other additional weights. It...
How to Deadlift

Ultimate Guide on How to Deadlift

What is a Deadlift and How Does it Work? The deadlift is a staple in any good CrossFit gym and for good reasons. It is a great way to build strength and is a foundation for other lifting movements. When you have this deadlift exercise figured out it becomes easier...
image showing a woman preparing for crossfit diet

Best CrossFit Diet » Nutrition Advice to Maximise Your WODs

CrossFit is known the world over for its focus on providing comprehensive whole-body exercises. Through workouts of the day or WODs and other programs, CrossFit is designed to target all muscle groups and develop total body strength. CrossFit helps practitioners achieve major cardiovascular improvements through high-intensity programs that promote total fitness,...


The hardest part about operating a gym is keeping the Culture true to our Values. You can preach your Values to your members till your blue in the face but they don’t mean a thing unless they pay attention. When you start seeing those members acting on your values and...
Christmas Nutrition Tips

Top 4 Christmas Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Fitness Goals on Track

Lets be honest with each other, Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year to keep your Nutrition on track. There are so many amazingly tasty food and beverages that come out this time of year that its so hard to say NO. Or you do say No...