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Power Clean - Power Clean Lift

Power Clean » Power Clean Lift Explained

The Power Clean is a full-body explosive weight lifting exercise popular with weightlifters, athletes and also CrossFitters. It has positive results when performed properly that athletes from all sports can benefit from. As with all Olympic lifts the Power Clean lift is technical and needs to be learned and performed...
CrossFit Exercises and Workouts

CrossFit Exercises & Workouts For Your Entire Body

CrossFit Gyms referred to as boxes are popping up globally as it becomes a popular way for all kinds of people to work out. CrossFit workouts are not just for people who are already athletic and fit. It is a great option for anyone wanting to get the benefits CrossFit...
Hypertrophy - Ultimate guide

What is Hypertrophy?
Hypertrophy Training Explained

When exercising, especially with real goals of achieving a decidedly muscular physique capable of competing athletically, you have to have a solid understanding of physiology and biology. You don’t have to have the expertise that someone working in these fields would have, but still, you need to understand your body...
CrossFit vs Regular Gym - What's better

CrossFit vs Gym: Which One Is Right for You?

In the CrossFit vs regular gym debate, heated discussions usually ensue, with strong words sometimes erupting among fitness experts and enthusiasts everywhere. But which one is better? What are the differences between the two? Should you have a WOD (workout of the day) or a workout routine? Which is better...
Squat Clean Exercise Guide

Squat Clean CrossFit: What You Need to Know

Your CrossFit Squat Clean Guide We can now employ some amazing pieces of technology in our reach for better health, better strength and fitness. Modern gyms full of machinery, equipment and innovation are amazing things. But sometimes the fact still applies that going back to the classic moves is also...
Snatch CrossFit - Ultimate Guide on How to to Snatch CrossFit

CrossFit Snatch: Ultimate How-To Guide

Your Guide to Master the CrossFit Snatch Here is a look at Snatch CrossFit exercises, how to do them, their benefits and so on. There are several different types including the use of kettlebells, power snatches, barbells, squat snatches and kettlebells. Besides the Deadlift exercise, Thruster and Air Squat workout,...
What is Crossfit

What is CrossFit Training

What Exactly is CrossFit? When you are looking into your exercise options and you are wondering what is CrossFit Training, you may have come across the basic definition that it is constant varied and functional movements at a high intensity. But that does not really tell you much about what...
5 Things You Can do to Improve Your Sleep-min

5 Things You can Do Right Now To Improve Your Sleep

OUR TOP 5 TIPS TO IMPROVE YOUR SLEEP Having trouble getting to sleep? Having trouble getting at least 7-8 hours a night? Waking up from your sleep and still being tired? Everybody knows the pain of trying to go to sleep but just un able to switch off and when...
Perth CrossFit Member Series 001 - Featuring Eugene Van Der Westhuizen-min

Member Series 001 – Featuring Eugene Van Der Westhuizen

Up first in our Member Series is the amazing Eugene Van Der Westhuizen. You can find him in most evening classes taking on the young guns and showing them how its done. What better way to get to know our amazing members than in their own words! “I have always...
What are Macro Nutrients

Macronutrients (Macros) vs Micronutrients: What’s the Difference?

Understanding Macros Macronutrients are the nutrients we need an abundance of every single day. They are categorized as proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Each of these play major roles in fuelling and constructing the human body. As we start to understand which foods fall under which category, it’s important to know...